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CFE answers 2,000 questions on Oaxaca High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) line of 610km and 3,000MW capacity

August 29, 2018 (Mexico City). CFE reports that five (5) Q&A sessions have taken place, during which potential participants asked over 2,000 questions regarding technical, economic and legal issues.

Transparencia Mexicana (anti-corruption NGO) has participated in the process as a Social Witness.

CFE expects to receive bidding offers in August and the award and signing of the contract is scheduled for September.

Efficient HVDC power lines eliminate the drawbacks of moving power across these long distances.

For large grids, HVDC lines provide an undeniable boon: electricity surpluses in one area can provide power to a nation’s farthest flung regions, reducing blackouts. HVDC can also balance out the intermittency of renewable energy. Wind and solar power are typically generated far from urban and industrial centers—by offshore wind farms anchored in turbulent seas or solar panels arrayed in isolated deserts.

Mexico’s national electricity infrastructure will add eight new projects at $3.5 billion.

One of the works is the subsea HVDC line that will connect the isolated system of Baja California Sur to the national interconnected system (SIN). It is estimated that the project will start operating in 2021.

The 2nd annual HVDC Energy Highways, October 24, 2018, Mexico City, connected clean energy companies, transmission networks and HVDC projects in Mexico.

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