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Friday, 04 March 2016 03:29

Focus your sales and marketing efforts for maximum ROI Featured

Written by Mia Messina
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As companies tackle the unprecedented challenge of The Great Recession, it is more and more imperative that we focus our companies’ revenue-generating efforts on the winners in our product line.

Business Development with HR technology buyers in Bali

At AMG, we are dedicated to finding the best markets for your product, and the best appeal to maximise revenue from each market segment.

To determine the value of a good product-market match, we need not look far. In 1980, IBM approached the software start-up Microsoft about supplying an operating system for the new IBM PC.

Even though IBM was also dealing with the much larger firm Digital Research for a version of their CP/M operating system, Bill Gates and Paul Allen believed that they could supply a better product for the IBM PC’s needs. The teenage programmers secured the $186,000 contract from IBM to design the hardware specifications and supply the operating software for the new P.C. 

With this purchase order in hand, Gates and Allen negotiated the purchase of Q-DOS from Seattle Computer for $50,000.

In just 15 years, Microsoft would be worth over 53 billion US dollars.

We don’t always have the luxury of a purchase order backlog, and this is where AMG comes in. What we do is to turn the Microsoft model inside out. We’re not changing your product to bring it to market – we’re finding your market and bringing it to you. In fact, with most products we can find you not just one market, but many good markets to focus on.

AMG provides integrated marketing services from research all the way to marketing strategy, execution and even telesales. We can provide one specific service or an entire support package to boost your own marketing department’s efforts. We maximise the return on your marketing investment using current intelligence on:

  • What your customers need
  • What your customers want
  • How customers’ needs are currently met
  • Why customers would choose your product or service rather than the competition's, both now and in the future
  • What risks are involved when competing in particular markets
  • Lucrative new markets you can enter, and the best way to launch

Bringing to bear international experience in marketing products and services to various markets in the energy, materials, shipping, infrastructure and other industry sectors, the AMG team is sure to provide you with the intelligent marketing anAd sales support you need to grow your business. 

Arc Media Global is a next-generation, end-to-end and integrated B2B information, analytics and media company, providing high-value businesses and professionals with tactical and strategic insights, connection and productivity tools they need to innovate and succeed in the face of a range of business issues. Our products are helping companies solve your:


Landscape Overview

Market Opportunity Assessment

M&A Support

Target Identification


Business Intelligence Reports

Customer Segmentation

Buying Process Analysis

Attitude and Behavior Study/ Analysis

Brand Health Assessment

Custom News Scans

Social Media Monitoring Regulatory Tracking

Promotional Materials Monitoring

M&A Deals Tracking

Benchmarking Value Chain Analysis

Distribution Channel Analysis

Knowledge Management

Trade Missions

Site Visits


Sponsorship platforms 

Trade shows

Training courses, conference proceedings

Attendee lists, membership and large-scale events

War Games

CI Certification


Contact us today to find out how else we can help you grow your business – call us at (US) +1-917-512-2878, (UK) +44-207-193-6310, (SG) +65-9835-7914 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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