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As the days of information on file, in the office, are disappearing, there is no shortage of data; the challenge lies in filtering, understanding and interpreting what is available. Market intelligence and informed, data-backed, practice-proven decision making is the new currency of competitive advantage.

What we do in Arc Media Global is transform these data and networks into highly focused, actionable insights that when properly used in a fast changing environment can lead to greater differentiation, smarter decisions and predictable growth. We provide the following services:

Strategic Analysis

We understand the big picture and what it takes to attain your goals via Four Corners Analysis, Porter’s Five Forces, PEST and other frameworks.

Custom Research

We clarify your markets via various research tools, e.g. In-depth Interviews, Consumer/B2B Surveys, and Community/Panel Research.


We use complex statistical techniques: Cross-tabs, Predictive Modeling, Regression Analysis, Factor Analysis, CHAID, and Conjoint Analysis.

Product Launches

It's tough to enter new markets. We'll ensure that your product launch delivers the right message and generates qualified leads.

Trade Shows

Whether you are looking for front of mind, or getting shortlisted by ready buyers, we bring the marketplace to your product.

Direct Response

Generate revenue with the right targeting and the right appeal. Get measurable results via effective direct response marketing.

Prospect Building

Our data officers have been building, cleaning and managing databases for many years now. Leverage on this specialised know-how.

Market Research

We’ve helped companies achieve more than 500% ROI with professionally planned and executed market research campaigns.

Content-Rich Events

Let us help you meet the right people, learn critical expertise or visit a field or plant site so you can do your job better.

Through-The-Line Marketing

Plan and execute your entire direct marketing campaign – from channels to schedule – for maximum campaign response and conversion.


Telephone contact boosts the response to a direct marketing campaign by up to 100%. Have our battalion of trained telemarketers double your ROI.

Specialist Content

As you innovate or expand into new markets, you'd need to update your expertise. We can help your team upgrade.

AMG Team Members Hard At Work

We can move markets for you!

700% ROMI is achievable with AMG
The ready availability of information now means there are fewer barriers to entry in many areas of business, intensifying competition among businesses and squeezing profit margins.

With the internet making the “global village” a reality, best practices, processes and tools can migrate more quickly than people and global industry standards are increasingly set by businesses aiming for the top spot.

Therefore, companies need to be constantly keeping ourselves up to speed with what is happening in our field, whether it's those guys down the hall from your office, or youths working out of a garage in India.

AMG’s content, computing and connectivity deliver insights, networks and competitive advantage, enabling individuals, organisations and communities to connect, work smarter and achieve our shared goals and aspirations.

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Growth Issues

We work with you to understand the issues you are facing and provide the information and resources you need to make strategic choices about growth. Whether it is organic growth through entering new markets or launching new products, or inorganic growth by identifying potential acquisitions, we support you through a range of unique, customized solutions. These solutions cover a broad scope and can range from a simple landscape overview to an in-depth market opportunity analysis to M&A support.

Customer Issues

We help you better understand your customers: who they are, how they think, and what they want. We provide insights into a vast array of pressing issues including, but certainly not limited to which customers should be prioritised, how do customers perceive a brand in the marketplace, or what thought process do customers go through when making purchase decisions. We leverage a variety of solutions and methodologies to tackle these issues including customer segmentation, brand health assessment, and attitude and behaviour studies.

Trendspotting & Monitoring

We understand the importance of staying up to date with the latest information in today’s fast paced environment. We employ innovative techniques to keep you abreast of pressing topics such as what the competition is up to or how your internal initiatives are received in the marketplace. We provide a number of tailored ways to monitor and track information through news scans, social media monitoring, M&A deals tracking, and dashboards to name a few.

Business Development & Skill Gaps

We believe in the power of focused execution of what’s in your strategy book and meeting the right decision makers who can bring your goals into fruition as quickly as the world turns. Use face-to-face business meetings to benchmark, access new markets and engage your buyers. Tap into AMG’s trade shows, industry conferences, specialist trainings and trade missions with over 100 events in over 30 countries annually.

Breakdown of Services:

Achieve maximum ROI for your marketing objectives using our specialist direct marketing capabilities.
The right message to the wrong audience gets no response. Maximize response to your direct marketing by focusing your campaign on the right prospects.
For a story to sell, journalists know they must show, not tell. The same holds true for the value of your product – explain it clearly and your clients will have no problem buying.


We provide EDM and EDM automation solutions. Let our technology team help you.
Plan your entire direct marketing campaign – from channels to schedule – for maximum campaign response and conversion.
Let our team build lists of potential clients based on your specified criteria, get their contact information and finally get to meet them face-to-face via our appointment setters.


Before you embark on a very expensive product launch, let our team be your scouts at the market.
Ensure the quality of your leads with a short telephone campaign checking their fit with your criteria and testing initial reactions to your product.
You may have a large database full of email addresses that bounce and phone numbers that don’t exist. Avoid wasting your bandwidth with proper data maintenance.

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