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NPFA is the most high-level event for engaging the crucial agencies developing the nuclear energy programs in the Philippines and other fast-growing economies of Emerging Asia. It is the only proven platform for achieving the necessary engagement that produces results.

We thank the IAEA Director General’s team for preparing the pre-recorded opening message from His Excellency Rafael Mariano Grossi. His expertise and viewpoints offered essential context and direction for our conversations.

We again express our most heartfelt thanks to H.E. Ricardo Luis Bocalandro, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Argentina, H.E. Franz-Michael Skjold Mellbin, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark to the Philippines and Palau, Rep. Mark O. Cojuangco, Chairman of the House Special Committee on Nuclear Energy, Dr. Carlo A. Arcilla of the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (PNRI), Engr. Mauro L. Marcelo, Jr. of the National Power Corporation (NPC), Director Cesar M. Idio of the Office of Civil Defense, Mr. Guy Boileau of the Embassy of Canada to the Philippines, Mr. Shah Nawaz Ahmad of the World Nuclear Association, Dr. Venkatachalam Anbumozhi of the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia, Mr. Daniel Dean of the International Bank for Nuclear Infrastructure – Implementation Organization Strategic Advisory Group (IBNI-IO SAG), Mr. Eduardo V. Francisco of BDO Capital & Investment Corporation, and all of the professionals who have made this year’s forum possible.

We also thank our colleagues from Halliburton, the Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency of Indonesia (BAPETEN), the Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NPCIL), the Siwabessy Initiative, and Toshiba JSW Power Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Over 70% of global electricity demand growth will be in Asia…. Plus the emissions, if we stick with coal.

Asia’s remarkable GDP growth rates exceeding 6%, rapid urbanization, industrialization, and population expansion have fueled a surge in energy imports and reignited interest in nuclear power.

To ensure secure, affordable electricity through nuclear technology, it is essential for the region’s governments to take decisive actions. Let us outline the crucial steps:

Address safety concerns by improving safety standards and regulations for nuclear power plants. Enhance emergency preparedness and response capabilities to ensure utmost safety for all.

Reduce capital costs associated with nuclear projects. By minimizing financing risks and increasing operational efficiency, we can extend the lifespan of existing reactors, benefiting those who already have them.

Strengthen national and regional frameworks and institutions for nuclear security and non-proliferation safeguards to meet international standards. This will ensure a secure and stable nuclear landscape in the region.

Garner public support for nuclear energy by raising awareness of its benefits and risks. Engage stakeholders and local communities in decision-making processes to build trust and inclusiveness.

After Australia’s Black Summer bushfires, the firefighters who responded were so traumatized by the screams of koalas being burned alive that 1 in 20 needed urgent mental health intervention.

Failure to secure reliable and affordable electricity now will have grave consequences for the region’s sustainable development goals:

‣ Impeded economic and social opportunities, hindering Asia’s ability to attract and retain investments, businesses, and talents. Key sectors like manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, and digital services will suffer.

‣ Diminished living standards and well-being, particularly for the less privileged. Gaps in access to essential services such as healthcare, education, water supply, sanitation, lighting, cooling, and communication will severely impact citizens’ lives.

‣ Adversely impacted environment and weakened climate resilience. Overreliance on fossil fuels and traditional biomass will result in increased emissions, pollution, and health issues. Furthermore, countries will be ill-equipped to cope with the repercussions of climate change.

Nuclear technology is a proven resource that is already being safely harnessed within the region. We can use it to ensure available and affordable energy as we work towards a post-pandemic recovery.

Mark your calendars for Nuclear Power Forum Asia 2024, to be held on November 20-22, 2024, in Manila, Philippines.

This event serves as a unique platform for you to engage with Asia’s nuclear asset operators and owners, national nuclear regulatory bodies, funding providers and financiers, public awareness advocates, as well as national and regional institutions for nuclear security and safeguards. In addition, emergency preparedness and response agencies, local stakeholders, community representatives, and nuclear power plant developers eager to collaborate with you will be present. It is an opportunity to establish vital partnerships in your pursuit of building nuclear power facilities.

By joining us at Nuclear Power Forum Asia 2024, you will unlock a multitude of opportunities:

‣ Attain reliable and affordable electricity access.

‣ Foster economic and social development.

‣ Bolster energy security and diversity.

‣ Mitigate environmental impacts arising from fossil fuel use.

‣ Achieve development goals.

‣ Facilitate universal access to electricity and clean cooking.

‣ Increase the share of renewable energy in the energy mix.

‣ Reduce carbon intensity and emissions.

‣ Enhance energy efficiency and productivity.

‣ Strengthen regional cooperation and integration.

We eagerly anticipate your presence in Manila, Philippines.

Nuclear Power Forum Asia is the only ASEAN-centered pan-Asian executive conference that brings together the region’s investors, government regulators, technical experts, and executive decision-makers to build a unified roadmap for us to maintain our energy security and personal integrity in the energy transition.

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Nuclear Power Forum Asia is the most HIGH-LEVEL industry event for nuclear newcomers in Asia and brings together the full variety of sectors that you need to bring a nuclear energy program online. Watch the decisions you reach transform into ACTION!

‣ Attain reliable and affordable electricity access

‣ Foster economic and social development

‣ Bolster energy security and diversity

‣ Mitigate environmental impacts arising from fossil fuel use

‣ Achieve development goals

‣ Facilitate universal access to electricity and clean cooking

‣ Increase the share of renewable energy in the energy mix

‣ Reduce carbon intensity and emissions

‣ Enhance energy efficiency and productivity

‣ Strengthen regional cooperation and integration

Raise your profile by sponsoring Nuclear Power Forum Asia 2023

‣ Reinforce the business case for your solutions by showcasing technical and financial capabilities
‣ Build awareness and front-of-mind branding that delegates can bring back with them to their respective worksites, and
‣ Re-establish valuable relationships with decision-makers in the industry, which have become weaker during the pandemic.

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